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Best Artificial grass nails

Why artificial grass nails are better when you are installing artificial grass?  Nails with their greater length and rigidity, provide a stronger grip on the turf and the sub-base.  Artificial grass nails are important for securing the edges and smoothing out wrinkles.  They are typically easier to hammer into the ground compared to staples which can be trickier to push through the turf backing and into the sub-base.  Reduce the installation time with nails for artificial grass. 

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Very Knowledgeable!

Annie is exceptionally responsive and during the quote meeting, she took the time to explain the differences between the types of turf
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Jennifer Rodil

High Quality Turf Material!

They were already recommended by a friend and we were not disappointed. From the first meeting I knew I had the right company for my turf supplies, from the knowledge to the turf material quality, my project turn great!

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From the sales point, Annie was very professional & responsive to answering questions. Took the time to explain the difference in types and provide best recommendation for yard. Pricing was much better than others for the high quality materials.

Tom Ngo

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Annie and Jose were really great and they have extensive experience and knowledge about everything landscape. They helped me with my project and I’m very satisfied with their service and price.


Wilk Assunne

Artificial Grass Installation Supplies

Getting quality installation supplies for your artificial grass project will help to have an efficient and professional installation.  Are you looking for more artificial grass supplies?

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