Frequently Asked questions



What about artificial grass components?
  • Most of the characteristics are associated with the following components:

    • Pile Height
    • Face Weight
    • Backing Types
    • Backing weight
    • Total Weight
    • Yarn type
    • Roll Width.
How long does artificial grass last?

With the average use and maintenance, artificial grass can last 15 to 25 years.

How can I choose the right artificial grass for me?

Knowing the client’s needs, we will help by recommending an artificial grass product that will adjust to your needs and guarantee an artificial grass installation for years to come.  

Base preparation is one of the most essential parts. Therefore, using the appropriate base material, such as decomposed granite, is very important.

Dirt is not recommended for grass installation. After the grass is installed, the final step includes applying a filler such as Silica Infill, Enviorofill, or similar products that add weight to the grass and prevent the laid down or the yarns.

How long does artificial grass last?

Artificial grass can last 15 to 25 years with average use and maintenance.

What kind of products can I use for artificial grass?

Using good product quality according to the client’s needs is an essential part of the process.

Can artificial grass be used for sports fields and playgrounds?

Yes, artificial grass has excellent durability. However, you must know that each sport has different demands.

Can pets or animals be around artificial grass?

Yes, pets or animals can enjoy artificial grass. However, choose a pet-friendly product and a nonstick material for easy cleanup.

Does climate change affect artificial grass?

Artificial grass is resistant to climate change, but extreme weather conditions can impact the product’s years.


What is the maintenance that is required when you have artificial grass?
  • Several care and maintenance tips ensure your yard remains green and healthy for years to come. Homeowners prefer Artificial Grass for its ability to stay green, healthy, and presentable despite its low maintenance needs.

What are some essential details about artificial grass maintenance?
  1. Artificial grass doesn’t require the same threats that natural grass does.
  2. No watering, No pesticides and No mowing are some of the routine maintenance and cost you avoid when you have artificial grass. Mild house detergent can be used to remove any soft stain.
  3. Removing pet waste, it’s crucial. Allow solid waste to dry first before you remove it. 
  4. You can also use cool water from the hose on urine spots. Avoid cigarettes, fireworks, and firewood from artificial grass.
What Equipment will I need?
  1. You will need a hose, a leaf blower, or a lawn vacuum; a rake will help keep the grass’s yarns fresh. Never use a metal use plastic or synthetic instead.

Artificial Grass Installation Process